“My desire in life is to see others walking powerfully in their own purpose, success, complete happiness, and fulfillment. I believe this is achieved through understanding the truth about who we are, who God is, and how our universe powerfully and faithfully works. ” Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Early in Jenine Marie's life, her mother wanted her to get a medical degree. She was immersed in medical encyclopedias and books. Although the interest was definitely there for her, she began her life seeking spirituality and the relationship between spirituality and mind. As an empath, she could not help but notice the physical body being so connected with spirit, soul, and mindfulness.


Much of her early spiritual exploration began within Christianity. She was led to obtaining degrees in Theological study over the years through a Master’s in Christian Theology. Yet, her hunger to know more about the human mind and human behavior also led her to secular universities where she studied world religions, the works of Carl Jung in psychology, sociology, and the history of spiritual/religious experiences. The clinical psychology master’s work did not seem to be enough to complete the picture for Jenine.


Seeking more, she became hooked on the study of energy medicine, quantum physics, and various energy healing modalities. She was astounded to find she had definite clarity and intuitive insight into human emotions and the energy centers of the body while studying to become a Reiki Master Healer and Instructor. Jenine became proficient in the practices of energy movement, Chios Energy Healing, and Shambhala Reiki


She now instructs others in the practice of energy healing because of the insights the approach brings and the assistance energy healing can provide for the body to heal at the same time.


Hypnotherapy became her next target of interest; discovering the unconscious mind not only reveals a lot about a person’s existence but also is the key to creating lasting change by renewing thoughts to reprogram old beliefs and habits into new ideas and life experiences. This has been astounding for the prospect of creating lasting change in not only her life but for others.


She continued her education with a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Thought, following a Doctoral Degree majoring in Transpersonal/Spiritual Counseling. Her doctoral dissertation was “Dream Interpretation Within Transpersonal Counseling Sessions,” including some of the dream interpretation work of Carl Jung and Jungian psychology. Her master’s thesis containing research on how forgiveness assists us all in healing was peer-reviewed and published in the "Journal of Metaphysical Thought" (2018). (Can be found on Amazon).


With what seems like a lifetime of education and experiences, she is still enticed to seek out as much as she can to assist in the knowledge of Spirit, Mind, Body healing, and the transformation of her client's lives. She fully believes a life well cared for is a life well-lived.

Jenine Marie is also an ordained minister with the organization International Metaphysical Ministry. 

''We all should be living life fully rooted and grounded, knowing the Divine is always here to support us!" Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.