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Special!! 30 min intuitive guidance session for $35! 

Work toward finding a place of MASTERY through intuitive, educated advice on relationships, love, the law of attraction, manifesting desires, grief, divorce, enhancing life, energy work, and hypnotherapy for positive change and integrating soul with spiritual and body experiences. 



Dr.Rev.Jenine Marie Howry,
PhD,MA.Msc, Th.M

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie uses Positive Psychology Methods in her practice to help bring about the best possible results. 

Intuitive, educated, professional and Divinely Inspired!

Some Techniques and Options: 
Transpersonal Guidance  Counseling (Spirituality)
Intuitive Spiritual Sessions
Positive Psychology Techniques 
Talk Sessions
Life Empowerment Coaching 
Meditation Teaching
Dream Interpretation
Energy Healing in Spirituality and Emotional Healing
Law of Attraction Coaching and Manifesting Sessions! 
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"She is such a patient and understanding individual. Gave me tools necessary to get through a tough time and took her time to listen. Loved her." L. G. 


"This was one of the best decisions i've made thus far. This beautiful vessel assisted in so many ways in my healing process addressing as well as identifying underlying things that I didn't even know was there. I highly recommend her to anyone. I need to look no more I've personally found my go to person." Ramona G.Thumbtack 

"Jenine has a amazing energy I could feel she brought me to ease & comfort & was spot on about who I was & what I needed. She’s incredible & I can’t wait to work with her again." Monica H. Thumbtack 

"My experience working with Rev. Jenine was wonderful. It was a very uncertain time in my life and Jenine helped me so much. My husband had a massive stroke, was confined to a wheelchair and in a nursing home. It was our wedding anniversary and Rev. Jenine officiated as we renewed our vows to each other. It was a very special time that I will always remember." Donna C. 

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